The Power Of The Internet

    April 20, 2021

    Arabella has been transatlantic at least twice that we know of. One of her trips was in the 50’s, and her then-owner hired a photographer to be a part of the crew and journal the summer. He then has a set of three albums made from a compilation of the photos. We have seen these albums at Mystic Seaport Museum, but unbeknownst to us, each of the guys aboard received a set of these albums.

    Here’s the fun part! The daughter of one of them found her Dad’s set of albums in and amongst his things. Rather than just throw them out, she decided to do a quick Google search and see if Arabella was still around, and if there was a current owner. There was and there is! She found this site, apparently, and then emailed Henry. We PayPal’d her postage, and the albums arrived in less than a quick! Here are some of my favorite pics:

    Arabella hauled out for some work while in Sweden
    The cover of one photo album
    Local newspaper coverage of Arabella’s visit to Sweden
    On a mooring
    The crew!
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