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A banner day!

September 27, 2012

This week marked a real milestone.


Henry was able to apply a full coat of the 50/50 red lead wash to the port side, below the waterline. While it is hard to see from this photo, the effect is wonderful! The hull is fair, and having a solid-colored surface makes her start to look like a real boat again. This has been a moment Henry has been striving towards for quite some time, and these little accomplishments give us both the emotional lift we need to press on. The next treat we will give ourselves is to pull off the rub rail and get that cleaned up. Right now it looks like a rotten piece of junk but we’re pretty sure all that’s at issue is old paint and dry caulking. We could be in for a surprise, but doubt it. We’re both just so bothered by the rub rails – they stare us in the face every time we head up or down the ladder.

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