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Day 2 with the man lift

November 5, 2011

Yesterday was fairly productive – only 4 more bows installed, but we’re figuring out the man  lift (and also how to use it). We only put up 4 more bows (we need a total of 32!) but we did get the building square, and straight, which was a surprisingly slow process. These things are like Gumby dolls until they are all connected. Today we’re up at at it early and are heading out to see how much we can get done today. It was 15 degrees last night! I will be starting the day in many layers, and am unrecognizable to anyone who sees me, I have so many clothes on. But I can still get things done.

Lessons from yesterday include: never use phillips head screws. We headed out to Home Depot last night to buy new screws with a star head. SO much easier to work with – no slipping and sliding, and I don’t have to be as strong as an ox in order to use the drill.

Second lesson: Always have many more drill bits than you think you need. Again, the Home Depot run included buying 2 packages of drill bits. Sharp drill bits make up for physical strength. I am getting stronger, but I’m looking for every advantage I can get. We do own a Drill Doctor, courtesy of Leita, and so my next step is mastering sharpening drill bits in that, but I don’t want to take the time while the weather’s so nice.

Today is projected to hit 60!img_0282_med


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