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Daylight Savings Time

November 6, 2011

Fortunately, we just kept to the old time, got up and headed out, and wrapped up when it was becoming too dark to start much more.

It was rather frosty when we started, and we’re banking on that tomorrow morning, so that we can move the lift with the truck, without either one getting stuck in the mud. It has been so warm that the ground is really, really soft, and this man lift weighs a ton! The truck can barely move it, but we’ve figured out how to keep planks under all the tires (that took a few hours!) so that we can move it when we need to, even though it’s a bit of a process doing so.

The building is really taking shape, and because it is so high, we’ve decided to get all the strapping done while the lift is in place for a particular section. By contrast, when we built the smaller shed for our other boat, we assembled the entire ridge first, with bows evenly spaced, and then filled in the middle with remaining bows, then attached the strapping, and, finally, the diagonals. This things is so big, that we’re a bit nervous about stability, and so we’re bracing, then putting in the strapping, and then putting in the diagonal supports. We also decided to add a reverse diagonal, so there is an ‘x’ of diagonals in each section, on both sides. It is making the building much stiffer, and (we hope) much sounder.

We were blessed with amazing weather – got up to 55, and sunny all day long. Looks like we’ll have 3 more days of warm, sunny weather, so we’re hoping we can finish this by then. We’ll see. 1/3 done, but we are getting faster. And then there’s the greenhouse film we need to heft over these frames, as the cover, but I think we have a plan for that.img_0285_med


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