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Losing Ground

March 15, 2023

Another installment of ‘No, you aren’t losing your mind!’

Feel like you’ve been paying closer attention to what and how you are eating, and yet you still have health challenges/weight challenges/fitness challenges? It’s really easy to feel like we are ‘failing’ at this whole ‘health’ concept, right?

A nutritionist was struck by the same thought: why, if people are ‘eating better’ than ever, are they still gaining weight and struggling with health issues? He took a look at 30 years of data (that’s a lot), and did a study identifying that even if the ‘label’ looks ok, certain processed foods behave differently in the body than similar food which isn’t processed.

Another researcher at the NIH, very skeptical of the nutritionist’s findings, jumped in with his own research, only to demonstrate they were right. Not all food, even if it is ‘the same’ in terms of nutrients, is created equal.

I share the details in this short video, and if you’d like a copy of the article, just message me or comment, and I’ll be happy to send it your way!

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