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Foundation Day

October 29, 2011

Today we set up the foundation for the shed. Step one was placing large planks down, which had already been painted on one side. Next, 2×6’s measured and cut to fit the length of the shed. Next, a string line at 20’ in width, so that (hopefully) all the holes will be 20’ apart. Next, drilling the holes, and finally, using a sledge to drive in the rebar which will stabilize the 2×6 base for the bows. Just a slight glitch (and I’m beginning to really doubt my math skills) we are two bows shy, and so will have to construct two more bows, after having already taken apart the jig. Oh well – pretty sure we can build them using two other bows as jigs. Not sure how we miscounted, but we sure did! So, Monday will see the construction of the final 2 bows, and then we move out of the storage we are in, and into storage here where we are renting, so one more move….




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